General Election: November 8, 2022

NEW JERSEY Endorsements

General election 2022

The causes we fight for don’t always stop at the walls of our workplace. That’s why we build the power to win inside and outside of our hospitals by helping elect healthcare champions who will stand with us at the bargaining table, the picket line and in the halls of power for us and our patients.


The Committee on Political Education (COPE) is a representative body of resident physicians from across the state that work together on legislation and electoral politics that improve working conditions for resident physicians, strengthen contract bargaining agreements, and focus on policies that better patient care for the communities we serve. For the 2022 General Elections, the COPE committee prioritized endorsing elected officials that are in areas that have CIR hospitals in order to build meaningful relationships with elected officials that can be influential when we bargain.

The CIR endorsed candidates below proved to be the best representative in the race and committed their support to CIR members fighting for increases in wages, protections, and fair contracts. We ask that you join us in supporting these candidates by voting for them in the 2022 General Election. 

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