Alison Duncan, MD, Personal Statement

Allison200Alison Duncan, MD
Psychiatry, University of New Mexico

CIR is vital to negotiating benefits for residents, promoting quality improvement and patient safety, empowering resident-led improvements in patient care, and providing a resource for resident support and quality of life.  In my nearly two years at UNM I have learned a great deal through our union about leadership and look forward to using these skills to continue developing the goals we’ve set at my chapter and nationally, particularly when it comes to growing the membership.

I intend to work with my region and the national leadership to continue to advocate for improved health care resources in New Mexico, negotiate a strong contract at UNMH, support a dynamic patient care fund and quality improvement committee, provide educational programming for residents in quality improvement, women in medicine, and other topics of interest and a foster supportive community of residents to ensure that our contract is honored in all the specialties.