Aneesh Nandam: Regional VP So – CA


Zuckerberg, Psychiatry

Our ongoing contract campaign at UCSF has made residents feel more empowered in their workplace. We held a 15 minute Unity Break at two hospitals simultaneously in support of our contract. It was well attended, received press attention, and won concessions at the table for economic benefits. Housestaff has also benefited from a $600 educational fund to pay for work and wellness related expenses. A patient care fund, won through bargaining at ZSFG, also pays for useful programs (e.g. tools for diagnostic testing, gift cards for patients) that improve the quality and efficiency of care.

I have learned that residents and fellows are capable of coming together to exercise power and change their workplace. It helps us have better jobs, and it helps patients receive better care.

I want local chapters to have stronger relationship-focused organizing that would facilitate mobilization and escalation. This would help us win better contracts and enforce existing contracts. Chapters will do best when residents feel they can organize themselves, which will require more training and support.

I want to support CIR’s involvement in advocating for Medicare for All at both state and federal levels to improve patient care and the healthcare system as a whole.

I believe CIR offers an important step for training physicians to recognize themselves as workers and take part in the labor movement. I want CIR chapters to be more involved supporting the struggles of other workers in the healthcare setting. If workers of all kinds in the healthcare industry come together, we can strengthen the labor movement as a whole and make healthcare more humane.