Benjamin Abiri, MD: 2018-19 Executive Committee Candidate


CIR has impacted patient care at Bellevue hospitals by fighting for access to scrubs and white coats, as well as creating house-staff spaces in the hospital for residents on call. CIR has also fought to reduce the amount of out of title work performed by residents, enhancing our ability to deliver patient care.

I would like to help CIR develop a national presence for residents primarily in our associated hospitals but also for all physician trainees in the rapidly changing field of healthcare. CIR has taught me the importance of organization in advocacy and negotiation.

Strengthening our ability to organize will help our ability to advocate for our goals in patient care as well as physician wellness. We may be a relatively small union, but as trainees in such a critical profession that generates tremendous national interest, our ability to stand alongside other healthcare unions will be incredibly valuable moving forward.