BronxCare Union Physicians Follow NYC Nurses in Winning Historic Contract Gains


Bronx, NY – This week, BronxCare Health System resident physicians won a historic contract that includes an 18% salary increase and other gains over three years. During contract negotiations, the residents, represented by the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR), were inspired by NYSNA nurses who went on strike earlier in 2023 and won historic salary increases as well as enforceable safe staffing ratios. In previous years, annual 3% raises were typical, however, post-COVID, with the exit of thousands of healthcare workers from the field, and the increased burden on remaining hospital workers, residents were inspired by the outpouring of support from the public, and the advocacy of other healthcare unions, who recently won increased wages and benefits.

“As physicians, we know just how important it is that all members of the healthcare team be treated equitably and with respect on the job. The historic contract that we won shows how much nurses and other frontline workers have fought to raise standards at BronxCare and across the City of New York. We’re pleased with what we were able to win, not just for ourselves but for the Bronx community and for our patients,” said Dr. Justine Braham, PGY 2.

Just a week before finalizing the agreement, BronxCare had offered 11% salary increases as their last, best, and final offer at the table. But after threatening an informational picket and continuing to put pressure on the hospital, residents were able to reach an agreement matching the 18% average salary increase that nurses won just a few months ago. 

“Resident physicians are critical to the Bronx and help to keep BronxCare Hospital running. This historic contract win reflects this and should stand as the beginning of a new chapter in healthcare across New York–one where all residents receive fair and equitable wages and the tools they need to be the best doctors possible. This win is only possible because of the incredible action that doctors, nurses, ancillary workers, and patients alike have taken to demand that our healthcare systems invest in patients and the providers that care for them,” said Senator Gustavo Rivera (D, WF, 33rd senate district).


The Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) is the largest house staff union in the United States. A local of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), representing over 25,000 resident physicians and fellows. Our members are dedicated to improving residency training and education, advancing patient care, and expanding healthcare access for our communities.