(Candidate) New Jersey / D.C. Regional Vice President: Saba Khan

Saba Khan, DO
Regional VP NJ/D.C.

I have seen CIR be a consistent advocate for residents health, financial rights, and fair treatment. CIR has helped residents who are dealing with sexual and/or racial discrimination and harassment, they have helped residents who are not getting their proper pay, or being overcharged for things such as parking, they have fought for pay raises, they also fought for resident education, ensuring that residents are able to go to educational conferences throughout the years.

In my time as a CIR member, I have learned the importance of unions in terms of employee rights and treatment.

I think that one aspect that we could improve it is in our bargaining power. I think that we need stronger representatives at the bargaining table to fight for us.

I would like to raise awareness of all the work that CIR has done, and can potentially do in the future.