(Candidate) Southern California North Regional Vice President: Donald Brown

Donald Brown, MD
LAC+USC Medical Center
Regional VP Southern California North

I’ve seen the impact that CIR has first hand in:
-Construction of a Resident Lounge, scheduled in 2017
-Improvement of our hospital cafeteria’s menu options, especially with more healthy alternatives
-The Patient Care Fund where residents submit proposals to CIR for allocation of funds dedicated to improving patient care (i.e. purchasing a TMS machine for inpatient psychiatry)

As a CIR member, I’ve learned a lot about the numerous avenues that CIR is involved in in regards to resident and pt care, whether it’s conducting monthly leadership meetings with the hospital administration as well as with administration/heads of all medical programs, and holding events focused on resident wellness, QI projects, and rallies with local/national politicians focusing on improving our patients’ care.

We have the numbers to be an effective voice, not only with our local hospitals/communities but with the nation as well. Although I feel that CIR had been doing an effective job I feel that we could improve in mobilizing more of our members whether it be by holding more meetings regarding our progress/opportunities in the organizing, doing more resident wellness activities, and holding more events on a national level with the goal of having more exposure to all.

This past year, my first being a delegate at my chapter, I have been able to be an advocate for my patients by speaking at local events (at Senator Kamala Harris’s rally, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s rally, and participating in SEIU’s protest at Washington D.C., all against the repeal of the ACA). I intend to continue this advocacy as well as continuing my duties as a delegate, addressing the concerns of my patients and fellow residents.