Cassidy Dahn, MD, Personal Statement


CIR has changed the way Quality Improvement and Patient Safety work and education has been done in our hospital and made it wide spread.

Being part of a union has shown me that getting together a group of motivated, impressionable, hard-working and intelligent people behind a cause can make a great impact. In my time so far as a member of CIR, I’ve learned so much: Say yes to opportunities as they come. Learn at least one thing from everyone you interact with. Get a team together to instill change. Gain as much leadership experience as possible. Small groups with big goals can make a difference.

As the Massachusetts Regional Vice President, I look forward to helping to create more collaboration between hospitals at large: sharing of ideas, national projects, creating an online forum to share ideas. I also want to work on expanding the membership , especially in the New England region.

My hope is to continue to build Quality Improvement and Patient Safety education throughout our hospital and region. This is a focus area for me and I hope to stay involved in this realm for my career.

I would also love to be involved in building a more national CIR Community and then we can work together in Advocacy and Service projects nationally.