Christina Gomez-Juge, MD: 2018-19 Executive Committee Candidate

New York

CIR was a key factor in bargaining the “patient care fund” as part of our contract. Allowing allocation funds to departments that required updated and crucial medical equipment. For example, something as simple as an ultrasound, critical in central line placement; initially was unavailable in the MICU. Through patient care fund allocation, the hospital agreed to purchase medical equipment, including an ultrasound in order to meet the needs of our residents and offer better patient care.

Through CIR, our residents have a voice in advocating for our members. By unity we can make changes that overall improves residency quality of life and provides a safer work environment.

Reaching medical professionals before residency is an area where CIR can improve awareness and membership. Medical students need to be informed of CIR and seek membership at their residency hospitals.

Power in numbers, 100% membership, this speaks volumes. I plan to continue to promoting the work of CIR and encouraging others to get involved.

CIR stands strong through the lobbying of organized labor. However small, CIR should act in solidarity against the threat on unions.