Dyani Loo

dyanilooIn New Mexico, our communities face numerous difficulties in obtaining adequate care including health workforce shortages, severely limited resources, poverty, widespread substance use, geographic isolation. There is no easy solution to these types of issues and it will take multiple groups working together to find answers.  Understanding this, I will continue to advocate for increased communication and open partnership with community stakeholders, policy makers, care providers, administrators and national leaders.

Working on the front lines directly with patients gives us a unique voice and look into the disparities and barriers to health access as well as channels for improvement.  As physician leaders, our voices can make a difference in helping to define problems and in finding solutions. We can also provide insight into the gaps occurring when translating policy to actual practice. CIR is vital to bringing us together to advocate for our patients and for our field. Just as important, CIR is also a way for us to come together in order to help support each other in this difficult work by ensuring that we have safe and equitable work conditions and benefits. Only by advocating for ourselves can we prevent burnout so that we can continue providing help to those who are in need.  Let’s work together to help our colleagues, our communities and our field become healthier and more engaged.