Darshan Patel, MD, MSEd

University of New Mexico, Family Practice | I believe that we can bring about positive, democratic change for CIR and our patients. I am committed to valuing medicine and public health over profits in healthcare.


Executive Vice President: Lorenzo González, MD, MPL

Harbor UCLA, Family Medicine
CIR gives us the leverage to challenge how medicine, health, and wellness are engendered within our current society, and by advocating for the Housestaff of our nation, we move one step closer to improving the lives of the neglected and disenfranchised communities we took an oath to serve. I am committed to using my skills as a union leader to build on the victories to the labor movement to make our world a better place for all.  La union hace la fuerza, pero la participación hace la diferencia!


Oluyemi Omotoso, MBBS

Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center, Emergency Medicine | I’m a proud, active member of CIR. Working across New York H+H hospitals to create a strong team during contract negotiations, we were able to win strong contracts and stage peaceful demonstrations across the city in support of Black Lives Matter.


Regional VP - NJ/DC:
Tulsi Patel, MD

Rutgers University – NJMS, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Regional VP - NJ/DC:
Gregory Benn, MD

Howard University Hospital, Internal Medicine

Christy Z

Regional VP - So CAL UC:
Dr. Christine Zachek


Mark Kelly - UCLA VP

Regional VP - So CAL UC:
Mark Kelly, MD

UCLA Medical Center, Internal Medicine

Sean Li - Headshot - UCSD - UCRVP

Regional VP - SoCal UC:
Dr. Sean Li

UCSD,  Plastic Surgery

Felisha Eugenio - Headshot

Regional VP - So Cal:
Dr. Felisha Eugenio

MLK/Drew, Family Medicine

Julian Hirschbaum - 88 - PROOF

Regional VP - So CAL:
Julian Hirschbaum, MD

LAC + USC Medical Center, Pediatrics


Regional VP - Nor Cal
DaShawn Hickman, MD, PhD

Alameda Health System, Emergency Medicine


Regional VP - Nor CAL:
Andreas Mitchell, MD, MPP

UCSF Medical Center, Internal Medicine
My vision for CIR is to help build a democratically-run union – one that is grounded in member-led organizing, and takes a stand on issues that matter to resident physicians.

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Regional VP - Nor Cal:
Scott Korotkin, MD

UC Davis Medical Center, Family Medicine


Regional VP - MA:
Andrew Hyatt, MD

Cambridge Hospital, Psychiatry

NM VP Alexandra Ninneman

Regional VP - NM:
Alexandra Ninneman, MD

University of New Mexico, Family Medicine


Regional VP - FL:
Lily Ostrer, MD

Jackson Memorial Hospital, Medicine-Pediatrics
For years, I’ve worked closely with colleagues across departments to advocate for the needs of housestaff and the people of Miami. I’m committed to winning strong contracts that ensure all of our voices are heard.

Regional VP - NY (Public):
Linelle Campbell, MD, MS

Jacobi Medical Center, Emergency Medicine

Zingman_Michael (3)

Regional VP - NY (Public)
Dr. Michael Zingman

NYU Langone Health/Bellevue Hospital, Psychiatry


Regional VP - NY (Public)
Dr. Michael Del Valle

Jacobi Medical Center, Emergency Medicine

Regional VP - NY (Private):
Yariana Rodriguez Ortiz, MD

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Internal Medicine

Regional VP - NY (Private):
Ashley Brittain, DO

St. Barnabas, Emergency Medicine


Regional VP - NY (Private):
Jared Smith, MD

BronxCare Health System, Family Medicine


Advisory Member:
Keriann Shalvoy, MD, MPH

Bellevue Hospital Center, Psychiatry