Keriann Shalvoy, MD, MPH

Bellevue Hospital Center,
Psychiatry  | It’s time to put the power back to the source of our strength as a union: into the hands of members like you. Together, we can win strong contracts, demand social justice, and ensure all our needs are met during this deadly pandemic.

Executive VP:
Darshan Patel, MD, MSEd

University of New Mexico, Family Practice | I believe that we can bring about positive, democratic change for CIR and our patients. I am committed to valuing medicine and public health over profits in healthcare.

Photo by Morgan Lieberman © 2019 All Rights Reserved

Secretary - Treasurer
Greg Gabrellas, MD, MA

UCLA Medical Center, Psychiatry | I’m excited to see how the experiences I’ve learned from our union can help transform medicine so that it works for all of us. I believe that stronger chapters, and contracts that address the needs of our profession, patients, and communities is what our members need the most.


Regional VP - DC/NJ:
Kelechi Weze, MD, DrPH

Howard University Hospital, Internal Medicine

Photo by Morgan Lieberman © 2019 All Rights Reserved

Regional VP - DC/NJ:
Suzanne Borkowski, MD

St. Elizabeths Hospital, Psychiatry
At a time when unions are being attacked, it is more important than ever to remind colleagues of what is at risk if they aren’t organized, protected, and empowered. CIR is a leading example, showing the impact that unionizing has on medical residents, patient care, research initiatives, and policy reform.


Regional VP - So CAL:
Lorenzo Gonzalez, MD, MPL

Harbor UCLA, Family Practice
CIR gives us the leverage to challenge how medicine, health, and wellness are engendered within our current society, and by advocating for the Housestaff of our nation, we move one step closer to improving the lives of the neglected and disenfranchised communities we took an oath to serve. Let us not forget disease is the manifestation of an oppressive system, and I am committed to using my skills as a union leader to build on the victories to the labor movement to make our world a better place for all.  La union hace la fuerza, pero la participación hace la diferencia!

CIR headshot

Regional VP - So CAL:
Christpher Vo, MD

LAC + USC Medical Center, Internal Medicine

Regional VP - So CAL:
Mark Kelly, MD

UCLA Medical Center, Internal Medicine

Regional VP - So CAL:
Marguerite Thorp, MD, MPA/ID

UCLA Medical Center, Internal Medicine

Photo by Morgan Lieberman © 2019 All Rights Reserved

Regional VP - No CAL:
Aneesh Nandam, MD, MPH

Zuckerberg SFGH, Psychiatry |
I want local chapters to have stronger relationship-focused organizing that would facilitate mobilization and escalation. I’m committed to supporting CIR’s involvement in advocating for Medicare for All at both state and federal levels.


Regional VP - No CAL:
Andreas Mitchell, MD, MPP

UCSF Medical Center, Internal Medicine
My vision for CIR is to help build a democratically-run union – one that is grounded in member-led organizing, and takes a stand on issues that matter to resident physicians.

Regional VP - NM:
Mina Sardashti, MD

University of New Mexico, Psychiatry


Regional VP - FL:
Lily Ostrer, MD

Jackson Memorial Hospital, Medicine-Pediatrics | For years, I’ve worked closely with colleagues across departments to advocate for the needs of housestaff and the people of Miami. I’m committed to winning strong contracts that ensure all of our voices are heard.

Regional VP - NY:
Linelle Campbell, MD, MS

Jacobi Medical Center, Emergency Medicine

Regional VP - NY:
Mohammad Abu Arja, MD, MSc

New York Methodist Hospital, Pediatrics

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Regional VP - NY:
Noah Berland, MD, MS

Kings County Hospital Center
Emergency Medicine | For the past two years I’ve represented my colleagues on the hospital medical board in order to advocate for residents and patients alike. Working together, we can make changes so that our union can better respond to the needs of our communities.


Regional VP - NY:
Oluyemi Omotoso, MBBS

Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center, Emergency Medicine | I’m a proud, active member of CIR. Working across New York H+H hospitals to create a strong team during contract negotiations, we were able to win strong contracts and stage peaceful demonstrations across the city in support of Black Lives Matter.


Regional VP - MA:
Andrew Hyatt, MD

Cambridge Hospital, Psychiatry