Florida Regional Vice President: Michelle Fletcher

michelle fletcherWhen hearing about CIR at my intern orientation I immediately knew I’d be getting involved. My first impression was that CIR stood for empowerment, unity, and advocacy. It has now been two years since I have been an active member, and my first impression proved to be right.

This is something I am passionate about and CIR provides me the opportunity to advocate for my colleagues, the patients I serve, my community, and myself. It is a community in a world where we so desperately need one at times. Medicine is a beautiful field that is ever-changing. As physicians, we are in for a lifetime of learning. We learn from our patients and our daily experiences with everyone who crosses our path. CIR goes hand-in-hand with this. As residents, it provides us an outlet for change and its forward-thinking platforms are creating waves in various medical communities across the nation.
In my last two years I have met so many incredible people within my own hospital and across the country through CIR. To say I’m excited for what’s to come is an understatement. I am honored to be able to serve on the Executive Board this year as Regional Vice President for Florida. I plan to continue my involvement in Women in Medicine and hope to become more involved locally in Community Outreach projects and QI work.