Jessica Edwards, DO: 2018-19 Executive Committee Candidate

National Office | President

CIR directly affected my experience as a resident by not only helping our residents to have great benefits but it also gave us power to tackle issues that mattered to us. The morale of our residents was very high because we knew that we were stronger working as a team together. Because our residents were unionized, we were able to negotiate for more than $5,000 in reimbursements for our board exam. This would have not been possible without our awesome organizer who helped us along the way. I truly believe that the quality of patient care was better because we jad happy residents.

I have learned that my voice matters. I have also learned that I am my biggest advocate and that there is strength in numbers.

I would like to help CIR improve in the area of communication between members. I feel that technology that is easier to use, such as I mobile app will make our membership stronger. I also feel that peer-to-peer interaction is very important. Cir has been huge in advocacy for not only our patients but for ourselves and our profession and I would like to continue that as well.

I plan to help our organization increase the amount of Engagement between our members by creating a mobile app that holds contracts by region and also contact information for regional vp’s. I believe that knowledge is power and that sharing ideas among each other is very powerful and can lead to effective change. I plan to continue to organize more new chapters to strengthen our base of membership.

I believe that CIR’s role should be huge and advocacy. Some people may believe that unions are just for blue collar workers, but I would disagree. The labor movement not only affects our patients, our neighbors, but also us. I believe that it is very important for our members to use our voices to advocate for those who cannot advocate on behalf of themselves.