Kevin Davey, MD, Personal Statement

Kevin-Davey_web2Kevin Davey, MD
Surgery, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital

Through the opportunities made available to me through CIR I have become a better physician and a better advocate for my patients.

At our contract negotiations at St. Luke’s – Roosevelt last year we were able to expand our education fund, incorporate resident involvement in hospital wide QI, and garner raises for all residents. We now have residents participating in quality improvement projects across all departments of the hospital. This was all done under the backdrop of a major hospital merger that many feared would result in our residents losing their right to organize. Without the help of CIR none of these accomplishments would have been possible.

In working with CIR as a department representative I have seen firsthand how the core values of advocacy, community service, and a commitment to learning are essential parts of the training of all physicians.

I see in CIR the potential for residents and fellows to shape the future of our profession. Through patient advocacy, quality improvement, and community health projects we have a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of our patients – a task that is all the more important at a time of great uncertainty in the medical field. As a national organization representing residents and fellows around the country CIR is poised to make that impact. It is the role of physicians to advocate for their patients and who is more qualified to do so than the residents that care for them on a daily basis.