Latoya Comer Frolov, MD: 2018-19 Executive Committee Candidate

Northern California

Being a part of CIR has taught me how to advocate for patients and fellow residents. I have been an active member of CIR since 2015, a delegate at SFGH from 2016 to 2018, and an appointed advisor to the CIR executive committee from the newly unionized UCSF bargaining unit from 2017 to 2018. I have had a terrific time bargaining for a new contract for SFGH and UCSF, attending national executive committee meetings in New York to make sure Northern California voices are heard, and connecting with other house staff union members from around the country. I am thrilled to take a more active role in our regional efforts, and I look forward to working with members to make sure their voices are heard, as well as enhancing and unifying our regional advocacy. I am hoping to improve communication within and across chapters, and I intend to continue sitting at the table as often as possible and reaching out to fellow residents to get them involved.