Marvinia Charles, MD Personal Statement

Marvinia120x150Marvinia Charles, MD
Emergency Medicine, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (Rutgers-NJMS)

CIR is a great resource for the residents. Our union helps us have a voice in the hospital community that we serve. It provides experience that can enhance your medical knowledge: Haiti Medical Relief, Know your QA IQ conferences, Telluride Patient Safety Camp. It provides avenues to help the community you serve from education the youth, endorsing mayoral candidates, advocating for earn sick days just to name a few.

For me personally, through the union those of us at Rutgers-NJMS have negotiated contracts with Rutgers’ administration after a 5-year freeze. The experience reinforced the collective power that we have and it shows that CIR is on our side.

As a Regional Vice President, I am interested in organizing conferences educating residents about careers in academic medicine with the hope that more residents would join that path. I’d also like to help CIR expand and grow, gaining more dues-paying members, particularly within the Jersey/DC area.