The CIR Network


Why We Exist

The CIR Network brings together resident physicians who believe that having a stronger voice can benefit patients, their communities and housestaff themselves.  We are change leaders, united around CIR’s core values: advocating for our patients and ourselves; serving patients, their families and the communities in which they live; continuously learning how to be better care givers and champions for our patients; and coming together as housestaff to sustain each other professionally and personally during a very exciting and demanding time in our careers.

What We Do

Network members work with the rest of CIR’s membership towards winning a more effective and just healthcare system.  And we understand that as physicians, we can help lead the way towards a health care system we can all be proud of.  We do this in various ways:

By winning a respected voice in our hospitals, we take on collective responsibility for being part of the solution: to improve the quality and safety of care, the experience of patients and their families during moments of anxiety and stress, and to ensure respect for housestaff as front line care providers.

By advocating for a more just healthcare system, we recognize that health and wellness are as much socially determined as a matter of individual circumstance.  We work to build a system that moves away from costing too much while leaving too many behind, to a system that affords all, especially the most vulnerable members of society, the care they need, when they need it.

By improving the quality and safety of care delivery, we apply our intellectual abilities, practical experience and enthusiasm to fashioning a system that consistently secures good outcomes, driven by evidence, in the most cost effective manner possible.

By providing leadership in and for a changing profession, we believe we can help our profession meet the myriad challenges it faces in a system and society undergoing profound change.  We work towards a profession that better mirrors a 21st century America, and a professional culture that truly embraces diversity and numerous perspectives.   We come together to help our profession place patient-centeredness, collaboration, teamwork and humility at the center of what it means to be a physician.

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