New York Regional Vice President: Chineze Worthington

Chineze I. Worthington, MD
Metropolitan Hospital
Regional VP New York

CIR has had a big impact on contract negotiations and an aware of our option to bargain. Not just for increase in pay but increase in lifestyle benefits. In addition, It’s been very exciting for me to realize CIRs interest in research.
In my time as a CIR member, I’ve learned a lot about how labor rights becomes a point of engagement with our political system.

I would most like to make an impact in campaigning for Obama Care or a suitable replacement. An effective national voice would include sitting down with and continuing to reach out to politicians that need more information about policies that impact health.

I plan to help CIR grow in the coming year by being informed and taking part in collective bargaining; learn more about the use of collective bargaining to equalize access to pay and benefits between different hospital regions.