New York Regional Vice President: Italo Brown

Italo M. Brown, MD, MPH
Jacobi Medical Center
Regional VP New York

The Family Health Challenge is probably the one initiative that consistently draws in all of my co-residents. We care about our community and its many extensions; CIR provides a great framework through which we can go beyond our clinical roles to affect change.

I’ve learned that our union is truly committed to doing quality work, and ensuring that all residents can train in a worry-free environment. I also am reminded that there is true power in numbers.
I would really like to see CIR address violence, and the diminishing value of Black lives as a national public health concern.

I’ve had experience advocating on behalf of students, colleagues, and patients at various levels. I intend to bring that expertise to the table, as well as a reservoir of creativity. My aim is to support measures that work, crowdsource good ideas and take them to leadership such that they can be put to use.