New York Regional Vice President: Kafilat Ojo

Kafilat Ojo, MD, MSc
Harlem Hospital
Regional VP New York

The support that CIR has given to the residents in my hospital is encouraging and has made residency life easier. Examples for this last year, include More library books worth thousands of dollars, Supply of new computers available to the residents. Patient safety committee has also implemented ideas that brought about improved overall patient satisfaction.

The most exciting thing would be when CIR stepped up against the travel ban and assisted the doctor with immigration issues to come back into the country.

As a CIR member, I’ve learned about the importance and benefit of being in an organization that advocate for the needs of doctors to improve their life during this training period.

I’d really like to see us work on an educational program including loan forgiveness, sponsorship, and reimbursement.
In the coming year I plan to help CIR grow by communicating with fellow residents across the hospital to find out about any pressing issues that can be resolved or looked into by CIR, as well as discuss ways to improve patient’s safety and comfort.