Northern California Regional Vice President: Michael Losak

Michael Losak, MD
San Francisco General Hospital
Regional VP Northern California

Throughout the past two years, I’ve been able to see the small ways in which CIR improves the lives of our residents and patients – through benefits like parking and meals to supplying books for childrens’ literacy initiatives and much needed subspeciality equipment at our public hospital – and the larger behind the scenes work it does to unite resident voices on state and federal issues. For example, it was also inspiring to see the union and its resident physicians rally around protecting our patients and the ACA.

Being a member of CIR has given me a window into hospital and city administration while simultaneously empowering me to assert the value of resident labor within these systems.

I would like to continue to organize at new hospitals in order to bring more residents’ perspectives into our conversation and focus our attention on progressive healthcare policy issues that affect the everyday lives of all Americans.

I intend to offer a bicoastal perspective on medical training, insist on more integrated healthcare systems that offer top notch care to all Americans, and continue empowering my fellow residents to recognize their own potential for advocacy and leadership.