Peter T. Nguyen, DO: 2018-19 Executive Committee Candidate


During my first year of residency, our CIR representative was instrumental in our contract negotiations. Through the organization’s experience and support, my fellow residents and I learned crucial techniques for contract negotiations. We were able to successfully work with our hospital’s administration and the local government in negotiating our contract and securing provisions that improved our work conditions.

As previously stated, my fellow residents and I gained invaluable knowledge and experience in techniques for proper contract negotiations. I also learned much about professional development and how to tackle difficult issues on an individual, organization and government level.

Residency is a busy time! I would like to see how CIR can empower residents to become more involved.

It is my belief that leadership is more effective when utilizing a bottom up, rather than top down, philosophy. As such I would like to establish a plan with my fellow New Jersey VP in which we visit our region’s residency programs and discuss with the residents to discuss the strengths and limitations of their program in these areas of patient care, medical education, and healthcare systems. More so, we would serve to help programs and residents collaborate regarding planning and executing plans regarding the issues that motivate them.

In today’s political environment, unions are more important than ever to advocate for their members. I believe CIRs role in the larger labor movement is to represent the training aspect in the field of healthcare.