President: Eve Kellner

Eve Kellner, DO
Westchester Medical Center

CIR provides residents and fellows at our hospital with the support that they need in order to better be able to help people, which is why many of us decided to go into medicine in the first place. CIR helps to level the playing field in the ever evolving, complex medical and health system. CIR is currently negotiating a contract for residents and fellows at WMC, and that has been a great learning process for me AND after 7 YEARS we are finalizing the details!!!

CIR has taught me that I have a voice, and that even when other hospital staff around me say “This is the way we have always done it” or “I tried and it didn’t work, so you would be wasting your time” that it is always worth the time and effort to try to improve things for your patients, co-workers, and clients. (and so much more!)

The most important thing we can do as an organization is to grow and to keep doing what we are doing. There are so many crucial issues and causes that CIR is involved with (Income Inequality, LGBT Acceptance, International Aid, ect.) and I would like to help get more residents and fellows aware of and involved in these issues. My plan is to use our voice in places it hasn’t been heard before like reddit and Student Doctor Network!

I will help organize housestaff to attend rallies and to provide support our patients across the nation.