Rachel Manalo, DO: Regional VP – FL


Jackson Memorial Hospital, Pediatric Cardiology 

I have learned valuable leadership skills and organizing to achieve common goals for residents and fellows. I have improved my public speaking skills to communicate with administration regarding resident concerns. I have also participated in the political process and attended speeches by President Obama and upcoming democratic candidates for president. I have attended training on how to keep political candidates accountable and ask them to discuss issues important to me. Being a leader at CIR has allowed me to really advocate for residents across our entire union.

How can our union improve the way it serves members?

CIR can improve in promoting its mission and advertising to residents to join. We can host events for recruitment and educate residents and fellows on building power as a union in order to make effective changes in our healthcare system.

I intend to hold quarterly meetings with residents and fellows in order to listen to their concerns and discuss them with GME. I will be available to listen and educate residents and fellows on the role of CIR and advocacy for their rights.
CIR is a powerful voice within the SEIU since we have respected physicians as part of our union. We need to attend more SEIU events and speak during labor movement events to bring awareness to issues surrounding healthcare.