Robert Viviano, DO, Personal Statement

RobRobert Viviano, DO

Emergency Medicine, Westchester Medical Center

As I begin my term as New York Regional Vice President, I can and will be your biggest asset for any advocacy issue you may have. And I fully intend to continue CIR’s current momentum for patient centric/patient safety changes and parlay that into further benefits for our patients. Being a part of CIR has helped foster a love of helping other residents as much as I’ve loved helping my patients, and I look forward to continuing that work as a member of the Executive Committee.

I’ve also learned a lot from our patient safety officer at WMC, a recent CIR regional VP – she has cultivated a real culture of focusing on patients, their outcomes, and their benefit in what we do. It has changed the way I approach patients for the better.

To that end, I look forward to finding “big issues” that we need nuanced stances and strong fights on, and being the person to help get our point out there and make the changes that need to be made.