Ryan Lapointe, MD, Personal Statement

Ryan Lapointe, MD
Internal Medicine, New York Methodist Hospital

RyanCIR has had a great impact on New York Methodist Hospital. We have the patient care fund that allows residents to purchase new ultrasounds that have been excellent for procedure training. Work hour and work responsibility enforcement have allowed for smoother patient care with nursing staff and a less stressful work environment.

Not only has CIR has negotiated many much-needed benefits and pay for residents, our chapter has focused significantly on hospital quality improvement. Through CIR, I would like to help hospitals recognize and develop plans for improvement, and to help show other hospitals’ administrations that QI can provide a significant benefit to patients, staff, and hospital funding.

I plan to encourage other hospital delegates that quality improvement can lead to a significant change in staff moral and patient care. Knowing that a hospital system has been optimized to run smoothly and provide improved patient care is both gratifying to staff as well as administration.