Structure and Governance

CIR is a democratically run organization composed of interns, residents, and fellows from all member hospitals. It is governed by the Executive Committee and the House of Delegates, which are composed of members who are elected annually by their peers.
In each hospital, the housestaff collectively elects residents to lead the organization.

  • Delegates represent the entire housestaff from his or her hospital at the national level of CIR. Each hospital has a minimum of two delegates.
  • Departmental Representatives represent their respective departments at the hospital level, listening to and providing feedback from their departments at organizational meetings and meetings with the hospital administration.

Additionally, the residents at each hospital have the support of an organizer, a CIR staff member only accountable to the housestaff, that supports and guides residents in bargaining and enforcing contracts.

  • Executive Committee members include the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Regional Vice Presidents. There are currently 14 Regional Vice Presidents representing their fellow members. Each year in May, the entire delegation of CIR leaders, which includes the Executive Committee and the House of Delegates, meet for the annual convention where they decide upon the national priorities of the organization and approve the organization’s budget.