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  • After a public campaign by Massachusetts CIR at Cambridge Health Alliance and Boston Medical Center, 5,000 physicians in training will now have access to the Massachusetts Online Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). As Cambridge resident Dr. David Scales wrote, “The database is a major piece of the state’s effort to stem the overdose epidemic. Checking its […] Read more

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  • On Nov. 19, Public Citizen and the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) sent letters to the federal Office of Human Research Protection asking for an investigation into two trials that waived limits on first year resident doctors’ working hours. The groups also called on the ACGME to rescind the waivers it has provided to 222 academic […] Read more

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  • The Fight for $15 & a Union: A Mental Health Issue by Dr. Eve Kellner, psychiatry resident at Lenox Hill Hospital, CIR NY Regional Vice President, and human rights activist The Fight for $15 movement undeniably intertwines workers’ rights and better pay with healthcare and the ability to afford nutritious food, medications, and preventative health […] Read more

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