• You will likely not have to pay dues before you leave — dues only start after the membership has voted to ratify our first contract, which usually takes up to a year up to a year or more to negotiate. By voting YES, you will be paying it forward and building the infrastructure for the… Read more

  • Housestaff who are financially secure, have more autonomy and respect in their jobs and who are protected from exploitation will have the emotional reserve to provide the best patient care possible. CIR residents across the country have successfully secured improvements in patient care, such as patient care funds and more access to interpreters. There’s no… Read more

  • Your union card and vote are completely confidential. Additionally, it is illegal (per the National Labor Relations Board) for an employer to retaliate against an employee for union activities. Employers CAN’T: Ask if you support our union or threaten any punitive action, such as not writing a recommendation letter because you support our union. In… Read more