UNM Bargaining Update – November 2016


 What you need to know about our CIR negotiations with UNMH

[This round of bargaining was a wage re-opener only. No other items in the contract were open for change.]



  • April 28, 2016 – Opening negotiations. CIR proposed: 3.75% UNM proposed: 0 / zero.
  • May 9, 2016 – CIR offered: 3.5% UNM offered: Lobo bucks, 0 / zero raises and only two temporary apartments to help 658 residents with housing costs.
  • May 19, 2016 –  CIR offered 3% UNM offered: 0 / zero raises and offered to take money from un-utilized benefits in the contract to put towards raises. (Essentially we would be paying for our own raises by sacrificing benefits from another area of the contract.)
  • June 2016 – CIR launched a petition asking for raises for all hospital workers. This was a joint effort with UNMH’s other unions, 1199 and CWA.
  • UNMH gave its last, best, and final offer of zero raises.
  • CIR filed a prohibited practice charge because UNMH engaged in regressive bargaining by giving a final offer before un-utilized benefits could be negotiated.


  • We are waiting for a hearing date on the prohibited practice charge.
  • We are asking UNMH to open bargaining for next year’s full contract BEFORE the budget is set.
  • We created and engaged in a joint-union campaign with 1199, representing the nurses, and CWA, representing the technicians and support staff, as all 3 unions are being denied raises for UNMH workers. The coalition we formed is called the UNMH Labor Coalition. For the first time in UNM’s history, all unions are working together for the common good of the patients, the hospital, and the workers.
  • HSC executives received thousands of dollars in bonuses and some managers at the hospital received large raises from at-risk wages. We are meeting with the County Board of Commissioners to discuss accountability for public funds, stopping the brain drain at UNMH, and making sure raises are given fairly.


  • We will hold regular meetings with UNMH and the Bernalillo County board of commissioners to ensure accountability for the hospital’s budget. This is important because the hospital CFO received 237% in raises over the last decade, while other staff received approximately 10%.
  • We will lobby in Santa Fe to ensure the hospital is fully funded and that patient care, indigent care, and public accountability for the funds comes first. We will work with each department to grow membership as much as possible. This will include meetings, luncheons, and other events to answer questions and concerns that residents have about union membership and activities. We are only as strong as our membership numbers!