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Join Your Union! Residency is hard, but you don't have to do it alone.


The union difference is clear:
With CIR we have the tools to

Take care of ourselves:

Better wages + salary Unique training + career advancement A real voice on the job Improved patient care Over 60 years of experience on resident issues The backing of a 17,000+ membership

Take care of our patients:

Physician-community partnerships Advocacy in support of high-quality, affordable healthcare for all Defend our patient care funds Service for patients in high-need communities Partner with other unions and medical organizations

Raise the standards of residency

Legal protection and due process at work Focus on resident well-being Hold educational organizations, like ACGME, ABMS, etc. accountable Provide templates for superior contracts and structures to enforce them


We empower our nation’s interns, residents and fellows to fight for excellence for our patients, our training and our healthcare system through organizing, collective bargaining and advocacy.

Issues we care about Include: Resident Well-Being Healthcare Access for All Racial Justice + Diversity in Medicine Immigrant Health and Access Public Health Impacts of Gun Violence


Meet Our Resident Physician Leaders

National President "You're not alone. If anyone needs to hear that it's residents on the frontlines. What I've learned as a member and leader of CIR is that at a time like this, we need each other and our patients need us." Dr. Keriann Shalvoy - Psychiatry Bellevue Hospital (New York) Executive Vice President "Now is not the time to sit by the sidelines. As Residents, we're the first line of defense for our patients and the backbone of our hospitals. Being a part of CIR is about demanding excellence for ourselves and our patients." Dr. Darshan Patel - Family Practice University of New Mexico (New Mexico) Secretary-Treasurer "In my time as a CIR leader, our union has continually gone above and beyond the call of representing residents and addressing our needs. COVID-19 has centered the challenges of our profession to the forefront, and it's our job to take a stand for what's right." Dr. Greg Gabrellas - Psychiatry UCLA Medical Center (California)
Regional Vice Presidents


Did you know that residents
have rights at work?

While your CIR union contract codefies some of your workplace rights, the COVID-19 crisis has shown us that we have an obligation and an opportunity to ensure that the future of medicine is more equitable for all. Thousands across the country have signed the Bill of Rights, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and over 15 elected officials across the country! LEARN MORE ABOUT THE RESIDENT BILL OF RIGHTS