Wilson Heredia, MD, Personal Statement

Wilson_resizeWilson Heredia, MD
Pediatrics, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

The core values of CIR have permeated my hospital; in my program we were exposed to the Family Health Challenge and I personally participated in this program and it was an amazing experience that made a deep impact on my practice, by allowing me to see my patients in their community and learn how to reach them better.

Through CIR, I’ve learned that we can do so much more than prescribe medications to our patients; we can be advocates for them.

I would like to make CIR more available to our members, get them more involved in the wonderful programs CIR has to offer. I believe the key of CIR expansion is through active participation of our members and by recruiting new programs and hospitals to join. Strength is in numbers. With more active member participation from our members our voice can be heard louder.