Brandon Newsome, MD: Regional VP – MA


Boston Medical Center, Psychiatry

MA is known for it’s great work in patient safety, patient advocacy, and physician wellness at our sister hospitals of BMC and CHA. I’m hopeful that we can collaborate and perhaps give best practices for hospitals working to improve in those goals. In addition, as we are in a contract season at both hospitals, I plan to ensure that we remain united, have a livable wage, great benefits, and have all that we need to become exceptional physicians and advocates.

As regional VP I plan to work on collaborations with other organized groups of health professionals and collectively push forward agendas in government that we all can mutually support. I think one thing we need to take a stance on in the Physician Shortage Act and work on ways to encourage government expansion for more slot for residents.

When we come together as a collective we have the ability to change our work environment, increase our vitality, and advocate for effective changes to influence patient care.