• Alison Duncan, MD Psychiatry, University of New Mexico Medical Center / Bradley Hospital/Brown University I joined the union and served as a delegate and regional VP at the University of New Mexico during my residency.  Next year I’ll be doing a program on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Bradley Hospital/Brown University as I serve as […] Read more

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  • President: Eve Kellner

    Eve Kellner, DO Psychiatry, Westchester Medical Center I have learned an immense amount by being a member of CIR! To name a few things that I have learned: more about Unions, more about the history of residency, better negotiating skills, how to review a contract, what it means to have an organization that is looking […] Read more

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  • Both around the world and here at home, the American values that inspire our hearts are freedom, justice, tolerance, opportunity, and the promise of a New World — that if one worked hard, played by the rules, and cherished our common ideals, anyone could make a fresh start here. Throughout our history, this American promise […] Read more

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