CIR Stands Committed To Abortion Rights and Reproductive Justice


With the chilling news that the Supreme Court is set to strike down Roe v. Wade and roll back abortion rights in the country, we are horrified. Our responsibility and the collective responsibility of healthcare providers is ensuring that everyone can access the information and care they need to ensure their well-being and that of their families–this includes access to reproductive healthcare including abortions.

Limiting women’s ability to make informed decisions about their families, their bodies and their lives is an egregious attack on human rights. Losing access to safe and legal abortion services will have a devastating impact on millions of women and families, especially poor people and people of color. 

Healthcare is a right and so is reproductive freedom and access. In the wake of a continuing assault on people’s health, including recent legislation against gender affirming care, we are concerned with what further attacks are coming down in the near future. 

CIR unwaveringly stands committed to reproductive justice and opposes any limitations to abortion access on the state or federal level. We, our patients, and our communities deserve better. The right to abortion must be codified into law. We call on our legislators to act immediately and protect the people from these assaults on our well-being. We will not be silent and we will not rest. Our patients deserve better, our community deserves better, our country deserves better. Abortion access is healthcare access.