CIR Statement on the January 6 terrorist attack


Statement from CIR president Dr. Keriann Shalvoy, Executive Vice-President Dr. Darshan Patel, and Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Greg Gabrellas on the breach of the U.S Capitol building. 

On Wednesday, an armed crowd of pro-fascist rioters, galvanized by Donald Trump’s vitriol, raided the U.S. Capitol building in an attempt to silence our nation’s voice–a voice that has undeniably demanded change. At the time, our representatives were in the midst of upholding the election process that is a cornerstone of our democracy by certifying the results of the 2020 Presidential election. 

The laws that exist to protect our rights to vote freely, maintain due process, organize unions, and much more have been born out of centuries of struggle against those in power who would rather continue to withhold these rights. Trump has knowingly aided and abetted this anti-democratic movement since he was a candidate for the Presidential office. After his election, he continued by installing anti-worker judges and agents, and yesterday it escalated to inciting an attempted coup of our democratically elected government in the service of maintaining his power. So we must ask, where will it stop?

We, as physicians and union members, must stand for democracy over authoritarian rule. Our desire and ability to enact policies for the greater good hang in the balance. We will not stand aside while our rights and our democracy are openly and violently threatened. 

We call for Trump to be removed from office immediately.