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The incredible benefits you have are a result of your colleagues working together to ensure that resident physicians can provide the highest quality care possible and improve their working conditions.
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Your Benefits:

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Additional Benefits, including JHS Housestaff Involvement Fund Reimbursements & AvMed discounts.

Your Contract:

  • An 8% increase in the first year of the contract.
  • An increase of $500 to the yearly educational stipend, bringing the total to $2,500. 
  • An increase of $225 to the meal cards, for a total of $1,500 per year.
  •  An increase in the bi-weekly supplemental pay by $25, resulting in a total of $75 per pay period.  
  • Wage re-openers in years 2 and 3 of the contract.

Questions about your contract?
Contact: Zaynab Ergasheva:
zergasheva@cirseiu.org | (239) 247-0971, or
Lilien Gil-Nicolas: Lgil-nicolas@cirseiu.org

About Us:

We work to ensure that the well-being of residents and fellows at our hospital include receiving high quality training in an adequate work environment. We believe that residents deserve the highest possible standards in order to give the best possible care to patients. Together, we’ve negotiated and won!

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+ Personal Leave, Leave of Absence, Mandatory Leave, Union Leave

  • This policy outlines the eligibility requirements for each leave, describes whether the leave is paid or unpaid, explains benefits during the leave or the significance of the leave with regard to benefits,responsibilities of Jackson Health System, rights and responsibilities of the employee, the responsibilities of his/her manager, and policies about working while on a leave of absence.
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+ Maternity/Paternity Leave + FMLA Process

  1. In the past, residents/fellows have worked with their chiefs and Residency Coordinators to use their remaining sick and vacation time toward maternity/paternity leave. There is no official “maternity/paternity leave” defined in the contract (or for any other Miami-Dade County employees). If you wish to take more time than your vacation and sick time accrued allow, please follow the directions below to apply for FMLA (unpaid leave).
  2. Employees must apply for a Leave of Absence at least 30 days before the leave commences. If 30 day advance application is not practicable, the employee must begin the application process as soon he or she is aware of the need to take time off from work.

FMLA, Domestic Violence, and any Medical Leaves of Absence must be requested by contacting Jackson’s absence reporting system at 1-877-562-8677. Approval must be obtained before the leave commences, whenever possible. Only employees who have worked for Jackson for over one-year are eligible for FMLA.

See full policy here.

+ Annual Wellness Visit

Effective October 1, 2018, all residents and fellows must participate in an annual wellness visit and provide proof of their visit to avoid health insurance penalties. Have your Primary Care Physician fill out the  Annual Wellness Visit Form   during your wellness visit between 10/1/2018 and 9/30/2019. You can submit your form by uploading it in Lawson ESS (once you sign in, the click to My Personal Information, then Annual Wellness Visit and Upload the completed document). After the documentation is uploaded, you will receive a receipt and approval automatically upon review.

For assistance making an annual wellness visit appointment, employees on Jackson First or Jackson Select health plans can utilize the Jackson Concierge service. These outpatient coordinators can help facilitate your primary care appointment; contact them at (305) 585-2727 or by emailing JacksonFirstConcierge@jhsmiami.org. This REGISTRATION FORM  is required to coordinate appointments for you.

+ Needlestick Exposure on Duty

All JHS employees are eligible for emergency treatment when needlestick exposures occur. When exposures occur, you have to report it to the JHS Emergency Department (ED) for treatment and counseling. You’ll then go to the Employee Health Services (EHS) clinic for a follow-up located in Jackson Medical Towers, Suite 106W. You must bring the completed Supervisor Referral Form to both the ED and EHS. Exposures are all reported to Supervisor’s Injury on Duty Report, and they’re kept on the nursing units. No matter what location the exposure happens at you MUST report to Jackson ED.

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+ Injury/Illness on Duty

The Employee Health Services (EHS) located at Jackson Medical Towers, Suite 106W must provide first aid/urgent care to all JHS employees who’ve become ill, injured and/or exposed to health hazards while on duty. Your supervisor will fill out a referral form to go to EHS. On the off days for EHS you’ll be directed to go to the Emergency Department (ED) with the same completed form if this occurs you must still follow up with EHS on their next business day. Your supervisor must report all incidents/accidents that occur through Quantros reports.

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+ Wellness Initiatives

We’ve partnered with JHS, UM, and GME on creating a variety of counseling options available to residents and fellows at JHS:


Jackson Health System – Resources For Living is an employer sponsored program, available at no cost to you and all members of your household. That includes dependent children up to age 26, whether or not they live at home. Services are confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • You can call our dedicated staff, 24 hours a day; you can also talk to licensed behavioral health professionals for emotional support
  • Up to 3 counseling sessions per issue per year with licensed network professionals at no cost to you; you don’t have to worry about copays or deductibles
  • Counseling sessions are available face to face, by phone or televideo
  • Support, consultation and resources for a range of issues such as: helping you balance work and home life, family relationship issues, depression, conflict management, alcohol/substance abuse, stress management and more


Regional Vice Presidents:

  • Abner Murray, Internal Medicine
    Jackson Memorial Hospital


  • Stephanie Deccy, Family Medicine
  • Mohammed Mustafa, Internal Medicine
  • Alfonso Heredia Nieto, Pediatrics
  • Alan Alvarez, Psychiatry
  • Onome Oboh, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Alricka Jackson, General Surgery
  • Stephanie Lee, Pediatrics
  • Rebecca Saberi, General Surgery
  • Juhi Varshney, Emergency Medicine
  • Darius Chyou, Internal Medicine
  • Adriana Grossman, Anesthesiology
  • Jessica Moore, Obstetrics And Gynecology Obgyn
  • Matison Alderman, Preliminary (alternate)
  • Joel Mintz, Internal Medicine (alternate)
+ Leaders & Department Representatives
  • ANE: Jason Lefkof, Austin McCarthy, Anthony Okafor, Carmen Manresa
  • DERM: Marina Li
  • EM: John Coombs, Michael Osinski, Sonya Rashid
  • ENT: Stefania Goncalves, Carlos Green
  • FM: Pollyana Sanchez, Naima Stennett, Tor Jarrett, Olorunleke Oni
  • IM: Sunil Iyer, Shanique Wilson, Afe Alexis, Thomas Plate, Nidah Khakoo, Gabriela Aitchenson, Stephanie Ioannou
  • MED-PEDS: Anjali Chandra, Lily Oster, Vanessa Henri, Reese Cargoli, Tobenna Ubu
  • NEURO: Stacey Williamson, Joshua Lukas,, Franklyn Rocha, Hsienlee Lau
  • NSU: Angela Richardson
  • OB-GYN: Angelica Knickerbocker
  • OMFS: Molie Xu
  • ORTHO: Harsh Shah
  • PATH: Khaleed Algashaamy
  • PEDS: Shanique Sterling,
  • PEDS Fellows: Brandon Chatani
  • PM&R: Marty Weaver, Myriam Lacerte
  • PSYCH: Maria Hadjikyriakou, Lisa Olivari
  • CHILD PSYCH: Sarah Denaud, Nicole Derish
  • RAD: Kush Shah, Ryan Mcclintock, Elvira Allakhverdiev
  • RAD/ONC: Ben Farnia, David Asher
  • SUR: Olivia D’angelo
  • SUR Fellows: Matthew Chatoor
  • URO: Jonathan Katz, Justin Dubin


Community Outreach & Advocacy

Our committee works to address the social determinants of health by partnering with community stakeholders and organizations to improve health outcomes.

Black Physician Recruitment

Our committee is dedicated to enhancing the number of black resident, fellows and faculty in order to respect the population on we serve and enhance diversity.

Women in Medicine

We promote female leadership in academic medicine. In addition, we provide a safe space for female resident physicians to voice concerns, and to address gender inequalities.

People walking around

International Committee

The international Committee is dedicated to providing resources and support for our international physicians, facilitating cultural integration and exchange.

LGBTQ People in Medicine

We provide a forum for LGBTQ residents to network, maintain a sense of community, produce policy recommendations, and inspire future genera ons of LGBTQ people in medicine.

Quality Improvement Council

The CIR/GME Housestaff Quality Council ensures that all residents and fellows have the knowledge and opportunities to improve the quality of patient care.

Additional Benefits

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$25 monthly fitness membership at 9,000+ locations. Click for details.

CIR-JHS Housestaff Involvement Fund Reimbursements

Jackson residents and fellows are eligible for various reimbursements through the CIR-JHS Housestaff Involvement Fund, including for specialty conferences/courses/rotations, quality improvement and patient safety conferences/courses, quality improvement projects, and outside departmental speakers. Click here for more information on what is covered and to apply today!

Member Discount Program

CIR Members are entitled to a number of discounts on services. Learn more.

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