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The incredible benefits you have are a result of your colleagues working together to ensure that resident physicians can provide the highest quality care possible and improve their working conditions.
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Your Benefits:

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Additional Benefits, including Identity Theft Monitoring & Protection.

Your Contract:

  • Education allowance reimbursed up to $1,500/year
  • Meal allowance $2,000/year
  • 200 hours/year paid time off (PTO)
  • Protected educational time

Questions about your contract?
Contact: Sharome Wiggins | (646) 942-4051

Important Links:

HIPAA Notice of Special Enrollment Rights

Summary Plan Description

CIR Legal Services

Latest Communications:

+ Mental Health Resources
  • NJ Human Services Mental Health Hotlines
  • The Peer Recovery Warmline: 1-877-292-5588
  • National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
  • NJ Hope Line (Suicide Prevention): 1-855-654-6735
  • NJ Mental Health Cares: 1-866-202 HELP (4357)

+ Personal Information

  • Membership Form
  • Update Form – To add new dependents to your plan. Requests to add dependents must be received within 30 days of qualifying event (birth/adoption or marriage), and you must attach requested documentation (see form).
  • Affidavit – If you cannot locate the marriage certificate or birth certificate(s), you can submit this affidavit in its place. The affidavit must be notarized.
  • Domestic Partnership Application (only same-sex partners eligible) – To add a partner, download an application and return a notarized copy, along with all requested documentation, to the Plan office. You must also complete an Update Form above.
  • Opt-Out Benefits Form – Please fill out this form if you would like to remove yourself and/or your dependent(s) from the CIR Benefits Plan.

Membership Form, Update Form, Domestic Partnership Application, Opt-Out Form

+ Benefits

+ Dental

Dental Claim Form (out-of-network)

Guardian Dental benefits:

+ Employee Assistance Program

The WorkLife Matters Employee Assistance Program offers services to help promote well-being and enhance the quality of life for you and your family. View details.

Connect to a counselor for free support services: 1-800-386-7055 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Visit and login to “For Employees & Members” (password: wlm70101).

Questions? Email:

Vision, Dental, Hearing, & Employee Assistance Program.

+ Disability

For purposes of our disability benefits, “disabled” means you can no longer perform the duties of your occupation due to accidental bodily injury, sickness, or a related medical condition, including pregnancy or childbirth. You must also be under the care of a licensed provider as defined by the state in which you work.

  • Short-term Disability Claim Form
    • Coverage begins on the eighth (8th) day of your disability. The maximum benefit payable is 60% of your weekly salary, up to $692 per week, for up to 26 weeks. See the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for more details.
    • If you are going out on a disability leave, contact your employer as soon as possible.
    • Please mail or fax the STD disability claims to: Standard Security Life Ins, P.O. Box 25339, Farmington, NY 14425. Fax: (585) 398-2854.
  • Long-term Disability Claim Form
    • The LTD plan pays you 60% of your monthly salary, up to a maximum of $3,500 per month. LTD benefits typically start if you are still disabled after 26 continuous weeks. For detailed information on Long-Term Disability see the Guardian Certificate.
    • When you terminate employment, you will have the option to convert this benefit to an individual policy, subject to certain conditions.
  • INSMED Portable Disability Coverage – Policies offered to you without any medical underwriting requirements or exams.

+ Life Insurance

Guardian Life Insurance:

  • If you die, a death benefit of $125,000 benefit will be paid to any beneficiary you name. You will receive a $20,000 death benefit if your spouse or domestic partner dies.
  • For instructions on submitting a Group Life Claim, click here.
  • When you terminate employment, you will have the option to continue the life insurance coverage as either group term insurance (this is called “porting” and is similar to how you have been covered during training) or you may convert this benefit to an individual policy, subject to certain conditions.
  • Whether you decide to port or convert, the availability and pricing of this coverage does not depend on any past or current medical conditions.
  • You have up to 31 days from your date of termination to submit one of these forms directly to Guardian:For an overview of the differences between porting and converting, click here.


What is COBRA continuation coverage?

COBRA continuation coverage allows you to choose to continue and pay for group health benefits provided by CIR for up to 18 months after your termination date.

Who is eligible?

You and your dependents covered under the Plan on the day before you terminated from your employer.
You will receive a COBRA notice mailed to the address we have on file. This notice has important information about your rights related to continued health care coverage in the Voluntary House Staff Benefits Plan.

COBRA Election forms:

To apply for COBRA, you will need to complete the Election form that corresponds to the Dental Plan you had prior to termination. If you don’t remember which Dental Plan you have, look at your Dental ID card. Here is a sample of what the Managed Dental Guard ID card looks like:

Your Cobra Election includes Vision and Dental. The only difference in the benefits is the Dental option you had prior to termination. Please select the Election form (also includes the COBRA Credit Card Authorization Form) that applies to you:

DentalGuard Preferred (DGP)

Managed DentalGuard Preferred (MDG)

You have up to 31 days from your date of termination to submit one of these forms directly to Guardian:

COBRA Continuation Coverage and election forms.

Regional Vice Presidents:

  • Andrea Attenasio, Orthopedic Surgery,
    Jersey City Medical Center
  • Ja’Nelle Blocker, Psychiatry,
    Howard University Hospital


  • William Boateng, Internal Medicine
  • Argyrios Nikolaidis, Internal Medicine
  • Brian Loor, Internal Medicine (alternate)
  • William Ott, Internal Medicine (alternate)

Additional Benefits

Identity Theft Monitoring & Protection

Enroll in identity theft protection through IdentityForce. This benefit is portable after graduation.

Member Discount Program

CIR Members are entitled to a number of discounts on services. Learn more.

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