New Contract at Kingsbrook!



Last month the residents at Kingsbrook Medical Center ratified their new contract, closing out several months of bargaining with a strong victory! Highlights of the new contract, which covers the housestaff through 2020, include:

  • Base Salary Increases: 2.4% on 3/1/2017, 2.4% on 3/1/2018, 2.4% on 3/1/2019 for housestaff
  • Parental Leave: New fathers may now take up to 2 months of paternity leave.
  • Dental Conference: Dental residents, similar to the past practices for Podiatry and Medicine residents, receive a board conference benefit up to $1,700.
  • Improved Quality Improvement Committee: The committee will now be run by Program Directors and Associate Directors. The QI bonus structure remains the same (a possible 0.5% bonus biannually).
  • Reimbursements: Residents will now receive reimbursements for the Education Materials Allowance within 30 days.