National President: Jessica Edwards


Jessica Edwards, DO, MS
University of Rochester Medical Center, Family Medicine with OB

CIR has greatly impacted my hospital to say the least. As a resident, it is great to have an unbiased resource to tap into when needed. Having the ability to learn how to negotiate resident contracts has taught residents at our hospital invaluable skills that will help us not only in the workforce but also in our lives in general. CIR has made a lasting impression on me and has really taught me that if you don’t stand for something that you will fall for anything.

In my time as a CIR member I have learned leadership skills and how important it is to have a voice. Whether it involves medicine or not, being a physician who is invested in your community is what it is all about.

I’ve also learned a lot about health inequality and how working together as physicians to address and fix the problem are the most valuable things that I learned.

Particularly in my region, I would like to improve the lines of communication and work with each chapter to make sure that they know that they have support from their fellow residents. I would also like to create opportunities to build our leadership skills on a local level and be able to be active in participating in more activities that involve our community.