HSBP Open enrollment FAQs


Q – What if I don’t want to change my benefit?

A – If you don’t want to change your plan, there is nothing you need to do.

Q – I want to switch dental plans

A – Complete the Update Form online and attach any additional information if needed.

Q – What do I do if I never completed a membership/enrollment form?

A – You will need to complete a membership/enrollment form on the CIR website under

  1. Go to “Members
  2. Select your hospital – click go
  3. Scroll down to “Personal Information Forms” Tab
  4. Click on “Membership Form” or “Enrollment Form”
  5. Mail back with of a copy of the marriage certificate and a copy of the birth certificates for eligible dependents (if applicable) to CIR: 10-27 46th Avenue, Suite 300-2, Long Island City, NY 11101, or fax to (212) 356-8181.

Q – Who is considered an eligible dependent?

A – The following are considered eligible dependents:

  • Your spouse,
  • Dependent children are covered (if registered) up to the end of the year they turn 29,
  • Domestic partner (if applicable).

Q – Can I select Managed DentalGuard (MDG) if I or my enrolled dependents live outside the NY, NJ, CT area?

A – No, you must select the DentalGuard Preferred Plan (DGP). The Managed DentalGuard plan is only if you and your dependents live within the tri-state area.

QWhat if my spouse has separate coverage and I want to add them to my dental plan only?

A – You can not enroll your dependents(s) in just the dental plan. Your dependent(s) will have to be enrolled in ALL of the applicable benefits provided.

Q Can I opt-out of dental?  

A – If you opt-out of the dental plan you will be removing yourself and your dependent(s) from ALL the benefits offered.

Q – What if I just need to add a dependent to my plan?

A – Complete the Update Form online and attach any additional information if needed.

Q – When adding or removing a dependent will I receive a new ID card?

A – There will not be a card generated for dependents. Your original card will cover your dependents.

Q – How can I get additional ID cards?

A – Log on to www.guardiananytime.com and register. Create a user name and password, follow the prompts.