ACA Town Hall Highlights from Miami

CIR members from Jackson Memorial pose after the ACA Town Hall in Miami, FL.

On April 19, Jackson Memorial Hospital members in Miami showed up to share both personal and patient stories about why the Affordable Care Act has become the glue that binds both healthcare and patients.  They discussed proposed Republican plans would undermine patient care, and also how it could potentially be improved. Jackson resident and regional delegate, Sabrina Taldone sat on the panel answering questions about patient care and patient safety in relation to the ACA.

In the audience, 20 CIR members were joined by dozens Jackson staff, medical students, nurses, homecare workers, elected officials, and health experts to discuss our healthcare system and the intricacies of funding it. Many volunteered personal stories of pain and triumph while navigating the complex waters of U.S. healthcare. Overall the ACA has provided life-saving care to millions of individuals, including many medications that would otherwise prove unaffordable to those in the Miami-Dade region.

“As doctors at the only safety net hospital in Miami-Dade, we are at the frontline in the fight to protect our Medicare, Medicaid, unfunded, undocumented and indigent patients,” said CIR Regional Vice President Dr. Michelle Fletcher, an OB-GYN resident at Jackson. “It’s our responsibility to keep our patients healthy and advocate for policies that ensure our patients can see us when they need us. It’s an outrage that this country still has the highest healthcare costs of all developed countries. Most doctors have had patients who’ve had to choose between housing and life-saving care, or between food and medication.”

Jackson Memorial is the largest hospital in the U.S. and has been offering healthcare for its community since the 1900s.

As of 4/27 House Republicans finalized a new deal with the conservative Freedom Caucus to revive their failed healthcare repeal bill.

We need moderate Republicans to stand strong against this disastrous effort to revive the failed healthcare bill.

Call 866-426-2631.  You’ll be connected to the office of a moderate Republican in your state.

Say, “As a physician at a safety-net hospital in your state, I urge you to stand strong and continue to reject this revised House healthcare bill that would hurt my patients and my hospital.”

The House healthcare bill was already deeply flawed — and those flaws remain.

  • It would still rip healthcare away from 24 million people, cause premiums to skyrocket, especially for low-income seniors, and destroy the fundamental underpinnings of the Medicaid system.
  • It would still cut $880 billion from Medicaid, undermining safety-net hospitals, and the healthcare relied on by children, seniors who need long-term care, and those with mental health and substance use issues.
  • The new proposal would also allow states to waive protections for people with pre-existing conditions.  It would also allow insurers to jack up premiums for seniors and the sickest patients.

Please call today!