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Open Enrollment: From December 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024 you have the opportunity to add eligible dependents, update your demographic information, as well as make changes to your dental plan. The effective date of your new update(s) will be January 1, 2024. For more details, click here.

Your Benefits:

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Additional Benefits, including Identity Theft Monitoring & Protection.

Your Contract:

  • Education allowance $1,250/year
  • Meal allowance $2,900/year
  • Holiday work provision
  • Conference and Board review benefits
  • Free Rosetta Stone

Questions about your contract?
Contact: Lila Foldes | (646) 477-7966

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+ Mental Health Resources
  • NY Project Hope Emotional Support Helpline: 1-844-863-9314
  • Crisis Text Line: Text GOT5 to 741741
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK
  • Trevor Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386
  • Trevor Text: Text START to 678678
  • OMH’s Customer Relations: 1-800-597-8481
  • NY Office of Mental Health Website

+ Personal Information

  • Membership Form
  • Update Form – To add new dependents to your plan. Requests to add dependents must be received within 30 days of qualifying event (birth/adoption or marriage), and you must attach requested documentation (see form).
  • Affidavit – If you cannot locate the marriage certificate or birth certificate(s), you can submit this affidavit in its place. The affidavit must be notarized.
  • Domestic Partnership Application (same-sex and opposite partners eligible) – To add a partner, download an application and return a notarized copy, along with all requested documentation, to the Plan office. You must also complete an Update Form above.
  • Opt-Out Benefits Form – Please fill out this form if you would like to remove yourself and/or your dependent(s) from the CIR Benefits Plan.

Membership Form, Update Form, Domestic Partnership Application, Opt-Out Form

+ Health

+ Prescription

Prescription – Express Scripts (Rx)

ESI benefits:

Effective January 15, 2022 – Coverage for over-the-counter at-home COVID-19 diagnostic tests:

For tests purchased on and after January 15, 2022, the Plan will cover FDA-authorized over-the-counter at-home COVID-19 diagnostic tests without any cost-sharing requirements, prior authorization, or other medical management requirements, regardless of whether ordered by a health care provider. Coverage will be available only when tests are purchased for personal use, will not be resold or distributed, are not for employment purposes, and have not been and will not be reimbursed by another source. Reimbursement will only be provided for tests purchased from a pharmacy or a retailer and is limited to eight (8) tests per covered person per 30-day period, unless prescribed by a health care provider.

The Plan is implementing this new benefit with Express Scripts, and we will provide additional information regarding how to take advantage of this benefit soon. In the meantime, please keep receipts of all tests purchased on or after January 15, 2022 and check here or call the Fund Office at (212) 356-8180 for further information on how to obtain reimbursement.

+ Dental

Guardian Dental benefits:

+ Supplemental Benefits

  • Mental Health Claim Form – Now available through the Member Portal

+ Employee Assistance Program

The WorkLife Matters Employee Assistance Program offers services to help promote well-being and enhance the quality of life for you and your family. View details.

Connect to a counselor for free support services: 1-800-386-7055 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Visit and login to “For Employees & Members” (password: wlm70101).

Questions? Email:

Prescription, Vision, Dental, Hearing, Supplemental Benefits & Employee Assistance Program. Supplemental Mental Health claim form now available through the Member Portal.

+ Disability

For purposes of our disability benefits, “disabled” means you can no longer perform the duties of your occupation due to accidental bodily injury, sickness, or a related medical condition, including pregnancy or childbirth. You must also be under the care of a licensed provider as defined by the state in which you work.

  • Short-term Disability Claim Form
    • If this is your first full-time job, you would have to work four consecutive weeks in order to become eligible for short-term disability. If this isn’t your first full-time job, you will be eligible for short-term disability payments on your first day of employment, unless you worked less than four weeks in previous job.
    • Coverage begins on the eighth (8th) day of your disability. The maximum benefit payable is 60% of your weekly salary, up to $692 per week, for up to 26 weeks. See the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for more details.
    • If you are going out on a disability leave, contact your employer as soon as possible.
    • Please mail or fax the STD disability claims to: Standard Security Life Ins, P.O. Box 25339, Farmington, NY 14425. Fax: (585) 398-2854.
  • Paid Family Leave (PFL) Claim Form – Administered by Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York
    • PFL provides wage replacement and job security for three leave types:
      1. Bonding with a child during the first year after birth, or during the first year after placement of an adopted or foster child.
      2. Caring for a close family member with a serious health condition.
      3. A qualifying military event is when a spouse, child, domestic partner, or parent of the employee is on active duty or has been notified of an impending call or order of active duty.
    • Coverage includes a maximum weekly payout of $1,131.08 a week for a maximum 12 Weeks.
    • Visit and click on “I’m a Claimant” to find the New York State PFL Claim Form.
    • Paid Family Leave FAQs
  • Long-term Disability Claim Form
    • The LTD plan pays you 60% of your monthly salary, up to a maximum of $3,500 per month. LTD benefits typically start if you are still disabled after 26 continuous weeks. For detailed information on Long-Term Disability see the Guardian Certificate.
    • When you terminate employment, you will have the option to convert this benefit to an individual policy, subject to certain conditions.
  • INSMED Portable Disability Coverage – Policies offered to you without any medical underwriting requirements or exams.

+ Life Insurance

Guardian Life Insurance:

  • If you die, a death benefit of $125,000 benefit will be paid to any beneficiary you name. You will receive a $20,000 death benefit if your spouse or domestic partner dies.
  • For instructions on submitting a Group Life Claim, click here.
  • When you terminate employment, you will have the option to continue the life insurance coverage as either group term insurance (this is called “porting” and is similar to how you have been covered during training) or you may convert this benefit to an individual policy, subject to certain conditions.
  • Whether you decide to port or convert, the availability and pricing of this coverage does not depend on any past or current medical conditions.
  • You have up to 31 days from your date of termination to submit one of these forms directly to Guardian: For an overview of the differences between porting and converting, click here.

+ Education

  • Professional Educational Benefit (PEB) Claim Form – Now available through the Member Portal – reimburses costs associated with books, board exams, medical licensure fees, dues, subscription, journals and mobile electronic medical devices. See the Professional Educational Benefit Summary for details.
  • QI Benefit – Participants are eligible for up to $3,000 in reimbursement per plan year (July 1-June 30) to cover expenses related to attend a U.S. patient safety event. You must submit at least 6 weeks prior to the conference date.
  • Rosetta Stone – opportunity to learn a new language with Rosetta Stone.

Professional Education Benefit (PEB) claim form now available through the Member Portal.


What is COBRA continuation coverage?

COBRA continuation coverage allows you to choose to continue and pay for group health benefits provided by CIR for up to 18 months after your termination date.

Who is eligible?

You and your dependents covered under the Plan on the day before you terminated from your employer.
You will receive a COBRA notice mailed to the address we have on file. This notice has important information about your rights related to continued health care coverage in the Voluntary House Staff Benefits Plan.

COBRA Election forms:

To apply for COBRA, you will need to complete the Election form that corresponds to the Dental Plan you had prior to termination. If you don’t remember which Dental Plan you have, look at your Dental ID card. Here is a sample of what the Managed Dental Guard ID card looks like:

Your Cobra Election includes the following benefits: Medical, RX, Vision, and Dental. The only difference in the benefits is the Dental option you had prior to termination. Please select the Election form (also includes the COBRA Credit Card Authorization Form) that applies to you:

DentalGuard Preferred (DGP)

Managed DentalGuard Preferred (MDG)

You have up to 31 days from your date of termination to submit one of these forms directly to Guardian:

COBRA Continuation Coverage and election forms.

+ Appeal & Claim Reprocess

  • Appeal Claim Form – Complete this form if your claim was denied in whole or any part or if you disagree with the decision that was made.
  • Claim Reprocess Form – Complete this form if your claim was denied and you are able to provide additional information.

Member Portal

Now accepting claims for the Professional Educational Benefit (PEB), and Supplemental Mental Health, with more benefits coming soon.

Please stay tuned, as paper checks are still being issued until the ACH has been implemented.

+ First Time Users

Click the REGISTER button above to get started.

User Details – Enter the following criterions to register:

  • Enter Member ID (starting with 900/901) or Last 4 of SSN
  • Enter First Name, then Last Name
  • Enter Date of Birth (slashes not necessary)
  • Click Next
  • System navigates to Create Your Password step
  • Create New Password and Confirm Password
  • Select terms and accept the terms and conditions
    • Terms and Conditions box will appear
    • Click Submit
    • Click Next
  • Click Send Authorization code button
    • Sent to user registered primary email ID
    • Enter code (did not receive code, check box to skip email verification)
    • Click Finish

System will display confirmation message and navigate to login page. You will receive a welcome email to the registered email address on file.

+ Already Registered

Click the SUBMIT CLAIM button above to open the Member Portal. Then:

  • Click on the Login (top right) -> The Member Portal Login section appears
  • Enter User Name and Password (created during registration)
    • Verification email will appear if skipped during registration
    • Click send Authentication code
  • Click “I already have a code”
    • Enter code sent via registered email address
      • No code, request new code
    • Click Submit

Communications details will appear if first time logging into Member Portal:

  • Update address/contact information if required.
  • Click Submit
  • System updates address information on member record

To submit for reimbursements, please see steps below

  • Top menu Click Benefits
  • Select Reimbursement Type and Employer
  • Read the claim submission rules and instructions then Click Continue
  • System will display the Claim Form
  • Enter all required information and attach proofs (supporting documents) as required
  • Click Submit
  • Reimbursement claim will be submitted to the Benefit Funds Office
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your submission
  • Claims are processed between 7 to 10 business days
+ Advantages
  1. You will be able to easily update contact information as needed.
  2. The Member Portal streamlines the application process by automatically linking to your member and employer details so that you won’t have to enter them on each application. Based on the login information provided, the system will automatically load the applicable reimbursement claim forms.
  3. The proof needed for each expense submitted will be tied to the expense line itself. This will reduce the number of denials from the Fund Office for lack of proof-of-submission and decrease wait time for payments.
  4. The claims processing time will decrease. Checks will be mailed out faster than they have been under the old system.
  5. The rules and guidelines for the reimbursement type are listed on the form’s first page to help you understand what’s allowed and required.
  6. You will be able to easily submit claims through the browser on your desktop computer, cell phone, or tablet.
  7. You can take a picture from your device and upload it for proof of payment.
  8. Coming soon: “View Balance” – view payment information for your individual benefits.
  9. Coming soon: “My Messages” – communicate with the Benefits Office directly through the Member Portal.

Please note: the “View EOB” (Explanation of Benefits) option will be hidden for claims that were processed prior to going live with Member Portal registration.

Regional Vice Presidents:

  • Colleen Achong, Internal Medicine,
    Interfaith Medical Center
  • Anna Ivanova, Emergency Medicine,
    Brookdale University Hospital
  • Steven Miller, Critical Care Fellowship,
    Brooklyn Hospital Center
  • Christopher Thipphavong, Psychiatry,
    Maimonides Medical Center


  • Monika Jain, Internal Medicine
  • Khiet Ngyuen, Internal Medicine
  • Mahdi Khattabi, General Surgery
  • Melissa Andrade, Internal Medicine
  • Anna Ivanova, Emergency Medicine
  • Sauraj Devkota, Internal Medicine (alternate)
  • Shalin Shah, Orthopedic Surgery (alternate)

Additional Benefits

Identity Theft Monitoring & Protection

Enroll in identity theft protection through IdentityForce. This benefit is portable after graduation.

Residency & Legal

Assistance with medical licensure, professional medical misconduct, landlord/tenant issues, and immigration – click here.

Member Discount Program

CIR Members are entitled to a number of discounts on services. Learn more.

Attention: In compliance with HIPAA regulations, we are moving to a new, secure email portal. Please use to send secure emails to the Benefits Office.