Georgia Davies, MD: Regional VP – DC/NJ


Rutgers NJMS, Specialty/Fellowship Emergency Medicine

I have seen CIR impact my fellow residents by advocating for residents when it comes to pay salary and getting schedules done on time. I think the most exciting thing that was done was when we got back money that was taken by Rutgers and had them pay it back sooner than they had proposed. As a member, I have learned to become a leader and to advocate for resident and patient wellness.

I intend to help the organization grow by bringing my ideas and diverse background into perspective so that CIR could be stronger and continue to uplift our nation’s interns, residents, fellow, and patients

I think that CIR should focus on letting the nation know about all that positivity that organized labor unions bring to the table, including emphasizing all of the benefits that Unions have on improving the workplace and the rights for all employees who are a contributing part will help those who struggle with the concepts of organized unions; and placing a positive outlook on negativity will have a powerful impact in the future of the larger labor movement.