Hurricane Irma SEIU Efforts (eVitals)


When natural disasters strike, the sick, the elderly, and those with mobility issues, are at an increased risk of danger. Knowing this, CIR leaders across the country volunteered their time, money and efforts to help the most vulnerable in their communities weather the storms. For both the international (SEIU) and our local Florida chapter, the response to hurricane Irma and the fires in Northern California was immediate. Hospital administration, physicians and community organizations worked together to address the needs of those most affected. CIR leaders were among those at the front lines, supporting communities in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Some of our efforts included:

  • 8 CIR residents volunteered in Puerto Rico
  • Jackson residents in Miami, Florida partnered with The New Florida Majority and others to bring basic necessities to those in need and provide medical assistance
  • Widespread outreach for the SEIU’s disaster relief fund