Treating the Root Causes of Burnout: CIR Presents Poster at ACGME Conference


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CIR National President, Dr. Eve Kellner, presents her Well-being Poster at ACGME

A CIR survey of 700 residents nationwide showed that 62 percent of residents have felt so burned out that it has affected their work. Many also reported needle stick injuries or car accidents when driving post-call, along with symptoms of depression.

These findings were shared in a poster presentation on March 9 at the ACGME’s Annual Educational Conference in Orlando, FL.

CIR’s analysis suggests that the resiliency training, counseling services, and other self-care resources provided by teaching hospitals, while important, does not go far enough in addressing the structural causes of resident burnout.

Survey respondents identified some core factors that contribute to improved well-being:

  • Social cohesion – having relationships with colleagues in and out of the hospital and fostering teamwork within the department
  • Advocacy/Altruism – opportunities to engage with the community or with other advocacy efforts
  • Meaningful work – maximizing time with patients and learning
  • Reducing disrespect and bullying

Member of CIR are well-positioned to address many of these factors through collective bargaining, labor-management, and resident-led quality improvement initiatives.