Raising Standards

Through our union, we have a powerful voice in the fight to improve our healthcare system. Through collective bargaining, we’ve implemented systems that improve patient care and residency training. Our union empowers us to advocate for ourselves and our patients.

Resident Well-Being

When we have the ability to ensure our wellness on the job, we’re able to provide better care to our patients. Everyday, we create real solutions to the challenge of physician burnout and develop winning strategies for implementing #realwellbeing for physicians.

Family Health Challenge

Every person has a right to health. Through FHC, we work in partnership with the community to make it easier for children and their families to make healthier decisions. Initiated in Bronx, New York, FHC is an eight-week community-based obesity prevention program for children ages 7-11.  CIR leaders teach weekly lessons to children at various public schools/community centers throughout New York City.

Patient Care Funds

Our patients deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of where they were born, where they live or how much money they make. Our Patient Care Funds allow us to offer the best training and technology so that our hospitals can provide high-quality care.

Health Justice for All

Every day we treat patients whose health has been compromised by a system that costs too much and leaves too many behind. Despite the progress made by the Affordable Care Act, we believe that a commitment to health justice requires us to be advocates both inside and outside of the hospital.



Anti-immigrant policies are harmful, discriminatory, and undermine our communities and economy. They go against the values of our country and profession. It’s time for policies that allow a real path to citizenship and an end to legislation that results in xenophobia and racial profiling.  Refugees | DACA | Clean Dream Act |

Public Charge

As physicians, we denounce this rule and ask you to take a stand with us. Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and should never have to choose between basic human needs and staying in this country.

Racial Justice

The American healthcare system has observed persistent inequalities of care for people of color, for the LGBT community, for low-income working families, and for immigrants, both documented and undocumented. It is a moral imperative that all lives have the same value in the eyes of the justice system, and that the laws of our country are enforced equally in every community. Charlottesville | Muslim Ban | New Zealand Shooting Christchurch mosques

Reproductive Rights for Women and Families

To us, it’s clear: limiting healthcare access in any way is harmful. Period. Furthermore, limiting women’s ability to make informed decisions about their families, their bodies and their lives is an egregious attack on human rights.

Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

89 people die from gun-related violence everyday. Very little progress has been made to protect our families and communities from senseless acts of violence. Lifting the ban on research would enable federal research on many forms of violence, treating it as it should be treated: a public health issue.