Our biggest win in 60 years! (eVitals)


Over 1,450 residents have won union recognition at UCSF (University of San Francisco, California). A historical win, the recognition of UCSF residents is a testament to the necessity of our union. In a climate that has been hostile toward labor and an administration that has tried (and failed multiple times) to replace the affordable care act and cut medicare and medicaid spending, residents recognize how important it is to advocate for themselves and their patients.

“Knowing I’m one of the thousands of CIR residents dedicated to improving the lives of their patients and their working conditions gives me hope that I, along with my fellow residents, can make a difference in the American healthcare system and in my patients’ lives,” said Dr. Latoya Frolov, a Psychiatry resident at UCSF and one of the leaders on the CIR Organizing Committee.

By joining CIR, UCSF residents will be able to negotiate their contracts for the first time, including bargaining for better salaries, benefits, time off, and other provisions that will improve resident life and well-being. UCSF residents are joining the ranks of a growing number of physicians across the country who feel that unionizing is essential to making improvements to residency programs and to resident lives.