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  • CIR’s Tax Tips for Residents

    It’s tax season again. But don’t panic! We’ve put together a list of common deductions and other things to consider when you do your taxes this year. Moving Deduction If you moved more than 50 miles from your old home to start your residency, you could qualify for a moving deduction. This includes the cost of […] Read more

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  • After tough negotiations, Jackson housestaff have settled on an amazing new contract that covers residents and fellows through September 2018. Some of the contract highlights include: 3% raise AAMC 50th percentile adjustment Wage re-opener in 2018 An additional $250 in the professional allowance (a total of $1500 yearly) An additional $50,000 in the Housestaff Fund […] Read more

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  • Both around the world and here at home, the American values that inspire our hearts are freedom, justice, tolerance, opportunity, and the promise of a New World — that if one worked hard, played by the rules, and cherished our common ideals, anyone could make a fresh start here. Throughout our history, this American promise […] Read more

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